Tom Frencel

Tom has been part of the games industry for the past six years. He is one of the founding members of Little Guy Games. A�He has been involved in making games on cell phones (iPhone, J2ME, BREW), Nintendo DS, and Sony PS3. Tom has worked with many of the big games publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and Disney.

As a programmer, his passion has always been gameplay programming and visual effects. His favorite gaming platforms are PS3, PC, and iPhone. He is currently devoting much of his free time to Starcraft 2 and Civ 5. Add him to your friends list (

What is your favorite place travel?
My all time favorite place that I’ve been to so far is Paris.

Favorite video game?
Right now, Starcraft 2, Minecraft, and Civ 5. But my all time favorite game is Street Fighter 2.

fast delivery of ed meds. What do you like about the video games industry today?
I think it’s a very exciting time to be a garage developer once again. The pervasive nature of video games today and all of the different gaming platforms have really contributed to the rapid growth of indie games and that’s super exciting.

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