What you will learn

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You will learn all about how search engines work, keyword research, page rank algorithms, and competitive research. By the end of this search, you’ll be on your way to competing for the top keywords for your websites!

Seminar Outline


Introduction to SEO

In our introduction, you’ll learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization by learning how search engines work, through crawling, indexing, and ranking. You’ll learn how people interact with search engines and why SEO is important to every website. You’ll also get an introduction to SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and why SEM is important.

Keyword Basics

You’ll learn about how to do research on keywords and why this is important. The three types of searches; Navigational, Information, and Transactional will be covered, along with the difference between generic and local keywords.

Website Elements & On-Page SEO

You’ll learn about using semantic HTML elements to add rich content to your webpages. Title tags, meta tags, site architecture, keywords, content, and images are all covered.

Off-page SEO

You’ll learn the concept of link building, how to build both inbound and outbound links with link exchanges, and the different avenues of link building. You’ll learn how to identify a good link and how search engines evaluate a link.


Google Tools: In-depth

Google Analytics is a priceless tool for SEO. You’ll learn about Dashboard Metrics, how to identify traffic sources, and analyze keywords. Next, Google Webmaster Tools will be used to register sitemaps, enable geo-targeting, and add a canonical version of your site. You’ll learn how to diagnose SEO problems such as pages not found, restricted URLs, slow loading times, and HTTP errors.

Intermediate SEO Strategies

You’ll learn how to optimize landing pages for multi-location websites, and the best practices associated with this. Next, you’ll learn how to analyze your competition and adjust your SEO campaigns accordingly. You will study additional SEO tools, such as SEOBook Toolbar, SEO Browser, Yahoo Site Explorer, and more.


Search Engine Algorithms

In our first Expert SEO section, you’ll study the algorithms that popular search engines viagra 25mg vs 50mg. use to rank pages. You learn about information retrieval via News, Maps, Shopping, Blogs, and Real Time Search and how the benefits of dominating universal search.

Competitive Research and Keyword Prioritization

By doing competitive research, you can learn to prioritize keywords. Finally, you’ll cover advanced topics that impact SEO, including Alexa Ranks, Google Cache Dates, Site Ages, Link popularities, Top-Level Domains, Google Trends & Insights, Social Bookmarking Links, Paid Directory Presence, and Twitter mentions.

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