Seminar Outline


WordPress Overview
An introduction to the key components of a WordPress site. We will examine the WordPress core files, database, the back end as well as the front end.

Setting Up WordPress
Starting with a domain name, host and FTP program we’ll go through the famous five minute install. We will be covering publishing of content, permalinks as well as categories and tags. Also covered will be a brief introduction to user management.


Getting Started With Themes
Where to find awesome themes? Previewing themes. Key things to look for in a theme. We will answer all of those questions as well as look at the basic structure of a theme.

Anatomy of a WordPress Theme can you get high off mobic.
We’ll begin with an overview of theme files and dive deep into what makes up a WordPress theme. Understanding different page views, the header, the WordPress loop, comments, sidebar, the search form, footer and theme functions will all be covered in detail.


Theme Design and Development
We’ll be covering full customization of a WordPress theme. We’ll be covering custom loops, multiple sidebars and footers. We’ll place emphasis on different types of menus, navigations and useful menu items. We will also cover archive lists, tag clouds, and different forms of side content ending with styling the Theme.

WordPress as a CMS
We’ll explore how WordPress can be customized to run as a CMS. Topics covered will include working with custom fields, users and roles, categories and tagging, page templates and dynamic menus.

Search Engine Optimization
We’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of SEO on a WordPress site. We’ll cover controlling duplicate content, optimizing permalink structures, scoring with Google and tracking the success of your site.

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